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Choosing the Right Party Hairstyle is Easier Than Ever

You are probably very familiar with the situation where you just have no idea what to choose as your party hairstyle just half an hour before the big party. Should you put your hair up or leave it down? Will your accessories look nice on you, or will they make you look as if you are going to a masked ball? Which style will go best with your outfit? Well believe it or not, the answers can be found. Give me your hand and let's go for a ride through the world of party hairstyles. It really isn't that complicated.

The Process of Choosing the Right Party Hairstyle

When you are choosing a party hairstyle, there are some things you should take into consideration from the start. First, what is the theme of the party? If you are going to a regular party with your friends, you can experiment just as much as you want. But if you are attending a formal party, five braids in your hair may make you look unprofessional and not very serious.

Second, make sure the party hairstyle will fit your clothing and accessories. If you are wearing a great pair of earrings, you should pull your hair up or to the back in order to show them off. Don't wear both earrings and sparkling hair accessories, choose one or the other for emphasis.

Consider the quality of your hair as well. If you have oily and thin hair, a ponytail may not be the best choice of party hairstyle for you. If you are wild at heart, it doesn't mean that your hairstyle should be wild as well. Unbrushed hair shows that you 'just don't care', but it's not in a good way.

It is also important that your party hairstyle suits your age. A fifty year old woman rarely looks good with braids and a fifteen year old can look silly with the perfect up-do.

For a Perfect Party Hairstyle

Work with what you have. If you have curly hair, try leaving it down or in a loose side ponytail without straightening it. If you have short and curly hair, a nice ribbon or a pin on the side can work miracles. Party hairstyles for straight hair can be fun and easy as well. Don't curl your hair if you're sure already that it won't last or if you plan on dancing a lot, because at the end of the night you could look terrible. A ballerina bun or a high ponytail, a loose braid on the side, or half-up, half-down would be great. For shorter, straighter hair, you probably don't need a thing of if you have a smooth haircut. Try out the party hairstyle you have chosen a few times before the party. This way you will see if it really suits you and make it perfect.

Last Minute Hairstyles Are Possible As Well

If you made the same mistake as last time and left your party hairstyle as the last thing to do before you go, there is no room for panic. Calm down and think. You don't have time to check out ideas online. It could take you ages to find one and even longer before you can do it. Remember what you have done with your hair before that was easily 'do-able'. Don't experiment in these last few minutes, you could end up with an unfinished style that leaves you feeling uncomfortable. Try something that feels natural like leaving your hair hanging loose, or making a loose ponytail or a nice bun, depending on the occasion and your outfit, of course.

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The Secrets to Perfect Asian Bridal Hairstyles

The special day is not too far away and with everything else you have on your mind, you must think about your hairstyle as well.

Asian women have some rules and methods for doing their hair and applying makeup and these are an advantage. Be a beautiful bride and choose some Asian bridal hairstyles. Asian women are very beautiful and distinctive in their appearance. Believe it or not, you can easily implement some cultural and traditional characteristics in your Asian bridal hairstyles without making mistakes that might look funny. Keep reading to find out more.

Pay Attention to Detail When Doing Asian Bridal Hairstyles

When you plan on taking an Asian bridal hairstyle or any bridal hairstyle for that matter, you have to remember that you won't have time to correct it on the day. So choose a hairstyle that will stay put through all the dancing, moving around and nodding your head. Choose a professional hairdresser and good quality products.

Asian bridal hairstyles are in tune with Asian culture where people are modest, clean and neat. Your hairstyle should reflect this. Massive tiaras, sparkling jewellery or braids all over your head are completely out of the question. The most important thing is to pick a hairstyle that suits your character and the spirit of the wedding.

If you are a nature lover, why not consider putting a few cherry blossoms in your loose bun or in your naturally curly hair. If you like a clean line and you are a bit of a perfectionist, then a nice tight bun or a ponytail is the way to go. Even a half-up, half-down style is suitable for anyone as long as you personalise it with a nice veil, a nice antique pin or some flowers.

A Few Problems with Asian Bridal Hairstyles

You can pay respects to your tradition by choosing one of the great Asian bridal hairstyles. But, as an Asian woman, you will be familiar with some of your hair's characteristics due to your genetics. Most Asian women have straight hair which is difficult to curl. So maybe you should think twice before starting to add lots of curls.

You don't want to spend your wedding day or night worrying about your hair all the time. Also, think of the shape of your face when you choose a style. Asian women usually have an oval or a round face, so avoid choosing a style which would shorten your face such as a bang or a soft bob.

You may also have problems with thin hair, so it would be great for you to have a layered hairstyle which would give your hair a rich and voluminous look.

Your Asian bridal hairstyle should be special, but be careful not to overdo it. If you already have a great and unique hairstyle that shows your personality, a nice pin or veil is more that enough. Less is always more when it comes to Asian bridal hairstyles.

What Else to Take Into Consideration When Choosing an Asian Bridal Hairstyle

Make sure that you choose a style that suits you, suits the style of the wedding, your wedding dress and the jewellery you plan on wearing. It may seem quite a challenge, but if you plan and work carefully and think things through, you will have no problem choosing just the right Asian bridal hairstyle for you. Browse the Internet, consult with friends and family and look through magazines. Best of all, consult the professionals here at Z Bridal Studio.

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How to Have Perfect Pakistani Bridal Makeup

The big day has arrived! Since you were a little girl you have always dreamed of your wedding day and here it is!

Everything should be perfect - the dress, the flowers, the hair, the ceremony, the reception, the groom (of course!) and the makeup. Every bride wishes for the best. Regardless of whether the ceremony is traditional or modern, the bride is the centre of the entire event.

Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect Pakistani bridal makeup and be radiant on your wedding day. Let us help you make your day truly unforgettable.

Two Months Before the Wedding

Let us start at the beginning. We begin here because the makeup on the day of your wedding is only the result. It is an end of the process, not the beginning.

In order to have perfect Pakistani bridal makeup, your preparations should begin at least two months before the wedding day.

The first and most important tip we can give you is to drink lots of water. Drink at least ten glasses of water daily. This will have a truly beneficial effect on your skin, hydrating it and making it look healthy and shiny. No makeup can do this for you.

Secondly, clean, tone and moisturise your skin. Start using non-alcoholic cleanser to clean your face every morning and every night before going to bed in order to remove the dirt that has accumulated. It also opens up the pores and lets the skin breathe. After cleansing, apply non-alcoholic toner on your face and neck. Finally, apply good quality face cream to help your skin stay hydrated.

It is also important, before you go out, to apply good quality sun-protection cream (SPF15 or higher) in order to protect your skin.

Be sure that these tips will help you turn your face into the perfect canvas for applying Pakistani bridal makeup.

One Week Before the Wedding

At this point you must have chosen your wedding dress already. Modern Pakistani brides tend to make a blend of both traditional wedding dresses, which are colourful and beautifully made with embroidery and many fine details, and modern wedding dresses with more subtle details. Regardless of the style you have chosen, your makeup should match your outfit.

If you have chosen to have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, then you should visit them one week before the wedding and tell them what you want, since they might not be acquainted with Pakistani bridal makeup. But, if you are planning on doing your own makeup or some other friend or family member is there to help you, then it is important to make a plan.

First, buy everything you need for perfect bridal makeup, Pakistani style. Buy a concealer, foundation, eye-shadows in the tone of your outfit, waterproof mascara, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, eye pencil and different types of brushes for applying makeup.

Second, do a trial makeup. In this way, you will be able to see what suits you best and what colours and shades you should use depending on the colour of your dress. You can then be sure that you will be able to do everything necessary on the wedding day with no unpleasant surprises.

Last of all, calculate the time you need to complete your makeup. This will give you the advantage of knowing how much time it will take to do your makeup on the wedding day and will make it easier for you to make plans for other activities such as doing your nails and hair, getting dressed, etc.

Wake up! Your Wedding Day Has Arrived!

The first and most important thing to remember is - Don't Panic! Maybe this will be easier said than done, but try to stay calm. If you stay calm you will avoid ruining all the hard work you have put in so far hydrating and providing care for your skin. You should be rested, relaxed, and enjoy this most special day.

Do all the morning rituals - cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin. Then the preparations can begin.

Consider doing your makeup first and your hair afterwards. Apply hydrating cream, then a foundation that matches your skin tone and put a little concealer under your eyes. Do not use foundation for this, since it would emphasise dark circles under your eyes. Also, go easy on the foundation. Do not apply three or four layers as your makeup would look heavy and unnatural.

Bridal makeup in general, and Pakistani makeup in particular, should give you a natural and elegant look, emphasising the best features of your face. Put some foundation on your eyelids and the process may now begin.

Shape your eyebrows, using an eyebrow pencil or an eye-shadow close to your natural eyebrow colour to beautifully contour your eyebrows. Then start applying the eye shadow. Use matt shadows as a foundation and then apply more shimmery and glowing shadow that matches the colour of your dress.

Your next step is to apply black or brown eye pencil on your lids and under your eyes. This will give your eyes a beautifully defined look. If you have thin eyelashes or you are going for a more glamorous look, apply false eyelashes. They will give your eyes a cat-like shape. Apply the mascara in two layers.

The next stage is your lips. Use a special pencil and draw around your lips to fix the lipstick and the lip-gloss. Use a lip-liner which is close to the colour of the lip-gloss in order to match the two colours and which will give you a natural look. Apply lip-gloss matching the tone of your lipstick to make your lips sparkly.

Apply matt, gentle pink or bronze blush to emphasise your cheekbones and then you are ready! Try not to sweat or cry to kepp your Pakistani bridal makeup in perfect condition.

We are sure that you will look stunning!

The last tip - Enjoy this, your special day!

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5 Minutes with the "Maestro" Sahida at Z Bridal Studio

We're delighted to share this blog interview with Sahida by Hinnah at Hinnah's Beauty Blog. Check the link at the end of the interview to visit Hinnah's Beauty Bites.

You can understand my excitement when "Makeup Maestro" Sahida Sardar from Z Bridal Studio agreed to let me interview her for a short piece on my blog. I have been really trying to get back onto 'Blogsphere' after having my two children lately and when you manage to get hold of a top makeup artist and trainer for a few minutes of their time, it is certainly a moment to be proud of.

If you follow Z Bridal (formerly known as Zara's Bridal Studio) based in the heart of Bradford closely, you will know that they are one of the largest training academies in the UK with seven branches situated across the North, with plans for more bracnches reportedly opening across the UK.

Meet the "Maestro", the woman behind it all, Sahida Sardar, mother of three who juggles it all and who has created a big name and reputation for herself and her brand. She now has a huge fan base following her with the recent launch of the Z Bridal App, a trip to Pakistan to do what she does best as well as being filmed for BBC2,'s 'Bradford City of Dreams' documentary which recently aired. For those of you that watched the programme, you would have seen the inspirational story behind it all.

That's all from me. In Sahida's words, "Say no more". Read on below to get a few minutes insight into the Maestro's world.

Hinnah: When did you decide you wanted to be a Makeup Maestro?

Sahida: I always wanted to be a makeup artist during my teens.

Where did the name Zara's or Z Bridal stem from?

Zara is my middle daughter's name. I have three daughters and her name Zara was very appealing, so I decided to name it after her.

(My daughter's name is Zara too! :-))

If you were not doing what you are, what would you have done instead?

I would have been continuing in my existing job as a Housing Officer. Although I would have loved to have continued where I left when I joined the West Yorkshire Police Force when I turned 20, but for family reasons I had to leave shortly after I joined to pursue an acceptable career in an office.

Describe your training experience with Jawaad Ashraf.

Amazing and excellent training delivered by the Makeup Guru, learned tremendous amounts and continue to do masterclasses with him every year.

Describe a typical day's work for you.

In short, doing bridal makeup, rushing from one house to another and trying to make sure everything runs smoothly and is organised and executed well.

Would you ever launch a makeup range?

Defo! Something I have been thinking about, including designing my own tailor-made makeup trolley.

Ooooh, we just can't wait!

Where do you see yourself if five years time?

Inshallah, INSHALLAH, definitely in Britain's 100 RICH LIST!

How do you juggle family life and work?

It's hard....trying to balance everything is chaotic at times. Organising and prioritising is very important.

Any tips for aspiring MUA's?

Follow your dream, don't hold back and don't be scared. What's going to be will be!

What's your most favourite part about making up people?

Love it when the whole look comes together. Amazing feeling and job satisfaction.

Three holy grail items you can't live without?

My concealer, eyeliner and lippy!

How has Z Bridal impacted you as a person?

It has made me stronger and more positive. I enjoy life and love my job so much. I look forward to new challenges and I'm always embracing change.

How do you unwind after a hard day's work?

I never unwind! There's a DVD player running in my head. There's no pause button on it! LOL! I do find time to unwind with my family but can never fully unwind!

Just wanted to thank Sahida for taking a few minutes out of her busy schedule and answering the above for me. It was definitely an interesting read.

Until next time, Au Revoir!

Hinnah xx

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Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

Every girl's dream is to look stunning on her wedding day. You know just how important beauty, hair and makeup are on your wedding day and you will want to be totally confident that you will look beautiful, not only in person, but also on your wedding pictures that will last you a lifetime.

So, the services of a professional bridal makeup artist will be required. But with so many to choose from, and so many bridal websites to look at, how do you go about choosing the best?

Here are some tips.

Asian Bridal Makeup at Z Bridal Studio

Can You Find One By Recommendation?

This is a great way to find a bridal makeup artist that you are likely to be happy with. It can be really daunting to search through ads and websites and hope that you are making the right choice. Even making a shortlist can be hard work and time consuming. If you know from friends and relatives that a bridal makeup artist had produced really good work, then you can often count on that recommendation.

Testimonials from satisfied clients can help too. Always look for genuine, unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients. Here at Z Bridal Studio, we are proud to publish screenshots of genuine heartfelt messages of words of thanks and praise from real, very satisfied clients. Check them out and see why more and more brides-to-be come to Z Bridal Studio for their wedding makeup. The delighted experience of other brides is more than enough recommendation.

Look at the Portfolio

The bridal makeup artist's portfolio can be everything in helping you decide. many makeup artist, makeup studios and salons publish portfolios of their work online. At Z Bridal Studio, we have a number of photo galleries available on our website and on our Mobile App. You can look at lots of photos of real brides with before and after images too. They are not enhanced, retouched or altered in any way. They are real photos of real work done on real brides by real professional makeup artists! See for yourself. We need 'say no more',

Consult the Professionals

If you think you have made your choice, then the next step is to arrange a consultation and maybe a makeup trial. You should discuss what you have in mind. A truly professional makeup artist will answer all your questions, discuss your options and recommend what is best for you. You should feel totally convinced that you are consulting an expert who knows exactly what is right for you and knows exactly how to apply perfect Asian bridal makeup. If you are given a trial makeup session, you will be asked if you are happy with the results and, if done by a genuinely talented and professional makeup artist, you will be.

A really skilled makeup artist will do more than make you look stunning. She will help calm your nerves and help you have peace of mind and confidence in your appearance. She will be an invaluable member of your wedding team. She will know just what to do to keep your makeup looking fresh and flawless through your wedding day.

What Will You Do

If you are looking for an Asian bridal makeup artist for your wedding, why not consult the professionals at Z Bridal Studio first? Hundreds of very happy and satisfied brides confirm that you will not be disappointed. Check out the photos, videos and testimonials. Then why not call the friendly Elite Team and ask for a consultation with the 'Makeup Maestro' herself, Sahida Sardar and give yourself the very best on your special day? Find the number at the bottom of this page.

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A New Year's Message from Sahida

I'd just like to wish all staff, colleagues, partners, graduates, trainees, clients and friends (past present and future) a most happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. This last year has been challenging, hectic, exciting, fulfilling and most of all rewarding for me and the Z Bridal Studio team. Most of all rewarding, because it's been such a pleasure to know that so many have graduated from our training courses feeling confident and empowered with new knowledge and skills and the ability to enjoy a dream career as a makeup artist.

I believe every woman deserves to lead a beautiful, happy and successful life. I created Zara's Bridal Studio to help make that a reality. To help even more women in 2014 and beyond, I have new courses and projects in development that will amaze you and that will open the door to even more opportunities. So, keep in touch and don't miss out.

I'm so grateful for all your support and kind words and encouragement. I receive such wonderful, positive feedback both privately and publicly and it lets me know it is so worthwhile to work so hard to make all this happen.

Every so often, it seems someone likes to post criticism and hateful comments online. To those that do so, I lay down a challenge - create something better and serve more women than I do! A wise person once said, "Any fool can criticise, condemn and complain and most fools do."

It takes dedication, commitment, desire, knowledge, skills and real guts to succeed. And it requires a genuine desire and willingness to do your very best to help others get what they want. That is, and always will be, my legacy. What will be yours? Criticising and hating? Or being a success and helping others It's your choice

For those who choose success, stay in touch with Z Bridal Studio. Choose a positive attitude every day. Your attitude determines your altitude. I'm going higher and higher and I want you to come with me.

So, once again, my very best wishes to you for a very, very happy and prosperous New Year

Let's have our best year ever in 2014!


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