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Archive for April 2014

Z Bridal Makeup Training Academy

Z Bridal Studio offers the chance to learn from their expertise with a 'fast-track' Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Course' for those who want to pursue a career as a freelance hair and makeup artist.

Sharing the 'forbidden secrets'

Accredited BABTAC Approved Course

At the end of the course, students receive an accredited BABTAC approved certificate and a professional photo-shoot, so you they can showcase their skills for prospective clients.

As well as the intensive training, Z Bridal Studio offers one-to-one sessions that can be tailored to your needs and arranged to suit you.

For information, call our Training Hotline on 07826 555929

See our News Section for the latest updates and training schedule and click here for details of our new course structure

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Asian Bridal Makeup and Arabic Makeup Z-Bridal Studio

Another video presenting the amazing skills and artistry by the elite makeup artists at Z Bridal Studio.

Asian Bridal Makeup and Bridal Hairstyles by Sahida Sardar

The "Maestro" herself demonstrates her skills and sublime artistry in creating beautiful vintage style hairstyles and exquisite makeup perfection.

Asian Bridal Makeup and Arabic Bridal Makeup

This is a beautiful video showcasing the artistry of Sahida and the Elite Team of bridal makeup artists at Z Bridal Studio. This is Asian bridal makeup and Arabic bridal makeup at it's very best. Enjoy!

Asian Bridal Makeup and Hairstyles

An example of our artistry at Z Bridal Studio. Asian bridal makeup and hairstyling at it's very best.

You, too, could enjoy a career as a highly skilled professional makeup artist. Everyone starts from the same place, with no knowledge, no skills and no experience. Then with professional training comes confidence, ability, know-how and all the skills you need. Z Bridal Makeup Training Academy is THE PLACE to get all that. We will teach and empower you so you can succeed. Call our training hotline on 07826 555929 and speak to our friendly staff to enroll or to ask any questions. You'll be so glad you did!

Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup - Stepping Outside of the Box

Confidence comes from within and should be embraced regardless of your or other peoples' perception of body image.

Beauty is only skin deep and it's time to step outside of the box and focus on those women that are beautiful, yet curvy.

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