About Bridal Henna

Have you heard about henna? Or more importantly, have you ever heard about bridal henna? Whether you have or haven't, we believe this article is very interesting and has information and facts to offer you? We will explain what bridal henna is and how, why and when it is applied.

What is Bridal Henna?

Bridal henna is also called bridal mehndi, mehandi and mehendi and it is a traditional art of painting hands and feet , usually before the bride's wedding day. It is a wonderful body art that has existed for many centuries. Nobody really knows where it began as it is very old and many people from different cultures have practiced it. Some say it started in India and others say that bridal henna was born in ancient Egypt.

This amazing body art is done with a paste which is made from the powdered and dried leaves of a plant called henna. The botanical name for the henna plant is Lawsonia Inermis. This plant mostly grows in Sudan, Egypt, India and most of the North African countries.

Bridal henna has many shades of colour from red to brown. Sometimes, a few other ingredients like tea, lemon and some essential oils are added to the henna paste so it smells better and improves the texture to apply the paste.

How It Is Done

Bridal henna paste is usually applied on the skin with a paint brush or toothpicks or a plastic cone. After applying the paste, the area is usually covered with tissue or some plastic or medical tape. This is done because there should be more body heat in that area. More heat means more intense colour, The wrap is removed after a few hours or overnight and the henna gets darker over 7 hours. This temporary bridal henna can last from 7 to 25 hours depending on the quality of paste used during the process.

There are millions of beautiful bridal henna designs. You will find great examples by searching the internet. Be sure to look at hours in the Z Bridal Mehndi gallery.

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