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Frequently asked questions by those considering our Asian Bridal Makeup Training courses

Can I really become a fully qualified makeup artist at one training course?

Yes you can. What you need is passion, dedication and motivation - and the desire to learn the skills.

Can I start working as a freelance makeup artist as soon as I complete the course?

Most students who graduate from our Training Academy have learned and mastered so many skills throughout the whole week that they are filled with confidence to get started working straight away as a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist,

I'm going to have to use my credit card to pay for the 10-day Intensive course. How quickly could I earn that back?

We wouldn't try to give an estimate in terms of time. It all depends on how you market yourself and how quickly you get started.

I'd love to take the training, but I don't have a professional makeup kit. Is that a problem?

You don't need any makeup to train at our academy. All makeup and hair materials are provided. All you need to bring is yourself and lots of enthusiasm.

I was never very good at school and didn't get much of an education. I'd love to be a makeup artist, but I'm afraid I'll fail on the course. What if you just don't have the confidence?

At our Training Academy, we will instill confidence in you. Our highly experienced and friendly trainers will not only put you at ease, but will identify areas where you may have a weakness and help you build confidence in those areas. Don't worry about a thing!

Do I get a certificate when I complete the training?

You will receive an accredited certificate which allows you to get discounts and benefits from wholesalers of makeup and hair products. All this is explained in the course.

Do you offer support after the course finishes?

We have ongoing after-training support for all our students. We also allow students to come for extra observational training after the course has finished.

There are lots of Asian bridal makeup training courses promoted on the Internet. Why should I choose yours?

Our courses are unique because you actually walk away at the end having achieved your objectives. We have a proven track record of producing students who have achieved great results and have gone on to open their own studios.

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