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It doesn't take a beauty guru to work out that eyelashes are a key part to any makeup look. If anything, they are the piece de resistance and add instant glamour. Like a pair of neatly groomed, well-filled eyebrows, a pair of lashes will equally frame the face.

Eyelashes are being used more and more every day with makeup artists, makeup lovers and even those that have just started to experiment with makeup. Sure, it takes a few goes if you are using them for the first time, but the beauty of it is that once you know how to apply them it is second nature. And with a huge selection of false lashes, a wide range of styles and brands it is safe to say we are spoilt for choice.

Z Bridal Eyelashes

As a start-up freelance makeup artist myself, it is paramount to be well stocked up on lashes as well as the other essentials. Each time prior to a booking, I would find myself making a quick dash to town to Boots and stocking up on a few Eyelure lashes at around £5 a pop, until recently I refused to carry on. Not only was I constantly running around like a headless chicken before every booking, but wasn't really doing myself any favours money-wise was I?

It was only when I came across Z Bridal Studio in Bradford stocking and selling lashes that resembled the Salon System ones that I knew I would be mad not to buy. Having trained with Z Bridal themselves, I was pretty accustomed to Salon System lashes they used, so I knew exactly what to expect. The lovely 'Maestro' Sahida sent me a few of these to try out.

Eyelashes by Z Bridal

Now these lashes are unbranded and come unboxed without adhesive but are exactly like the Salon System ones. Not only are they super easy to use and apply, they are of a high standard, comfortable to wear and look extremely natural. The best of all? They are super cheap! £1.65 a pair or £1.50 if you bulk buy. Needless to say, I quickly placed a big order.

Delivery was super quick and came beautifully packaged in a fuchsia pink padded envelope securely wrapped with the Z Bridal Studio sticker on, which I thought was a nice touch.

Eyelash Delivery from Z Bridal Studio

Like most brands of eyelashes, these come in a variety of different styles. The 140 are the full-on glamour set for those that want that va va voom. The 120 are the natural spiked ones, the 107 are the natural ones that are slightly winged out at the ends. The 101 are the natural petite ones as well as the Demi Wispies for that natural added glamour we all need once in a while. And of course, having a selection of these in your makeup kit is always a good idea as there is a style for every set of eyes. What I especially like about these lashes is that they are not at all 'plasticky' like the ones you get off eBay. They are soft and natural and easy to work with.

A range of Eyelashes available from Z Bridal Studio

What's more is that these lashes come in a cute little case so that you can actually re-use each lash a few times. How, I hear you ask? Simply place each lash back in it's correct place, i.e. left lash in the left side of the case. Use an alcohol-based sanitizing spray to sanitize the lashes, or you can even wipe away gently with a wet-wipe to remove any dirt or makeup that may have got onto them. Also, the band of glue can be gently pulled off. I prefer taking mine off with a tweezer and voila, good as new!

The Demi Wispies All You Need for Perfect Eyelashes

Would I recommend these? Without a shadow of a doubt. If you are a makeup artist or avid eyelash wearer, then I would strongly recommend purchasing these for bulk buy. They are in fact a fraction of the price of the Salon System ones even at a trade discount to professionals, so an absolute bargain. Sure, they do not come with the adhesive but any makeup enthusiast would have a tube in their vanity anyway and for the price, can you honestly complain?

I am so glad I stumbled across these lashes. I think it is safe to say I have officially found my lash stockists. I will definitely keep on buying these as I cannot find one bad thing to say about them. Simply lash heaven!

Ladies and makeup artists in particular, I strongly suggest placing an order today. Believe me, you will not be disappointed with these. Contact Sahida Sardar on Facebook, Instagram or iLashes on Instagram to place your order today. A big thank you again to Sahida for sending me these amazing lashes to try. Have you given these a go? Love and lipstick XX Review by Hinnah Khalifa. Shared courtesy of Hinnah's Beauty Bites.

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